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Hi, my name is Matthew McKnight, and I am a senior at UNC Chapel Hill. As a part of a Public Policy Class, my team and I are trying to find the UNC - Chapel Hill Salary data.
We are trying to help the Carolina Campus Community Garden, which provides fresh, sustainable produce to low-wage UNC Chapel Hill workers, expand beyond their current distribution network of housekeepers to other low-wage UNC employees.
Having the UNC salary data, in a more accessible form than is already on the Raleigh News and Observer website, would be very helpful in considering new groups of people to distribute the produce.
Assuming the data is public information, would it be possible to have a spreadsheet of UNC Chapel Hill specific salary information? Specifically, the department, salary, and other identifiable information would be very helpful. Thank you so much! Feel free to contact me with any questions!


January 20, 2018 via web


Office of Human Resources


Matthew McKnight





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