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This is a request for records pursuant to the North Carolina Public Records Law (G.S. § 132-1, et seq.). If you are not the records custodian for the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, please let me know the correct person I should contact.

This request seeks records relating to Title IX training procedures, as part of a survey of major colleges and universities across the country.

We thank you for your dedication to freedom of speech, as reflected by your rating as a green light institution in our Spotlight database. This request is being sent to over 80 institutions as part of a broad survey concerning institutions of higher education.


I request the following records:

  1. Any document consisting of or reflecting guides, presentations, slideshows, video or audio recordings, policy statements, or other materials that the institution has used within the past 12 months, or has already been prepared for use within the next 12 months, to train or inform students, faculty members, and/or staff members on how to take part in and/or fulfill their roles or potential roles in the institution’s disciplinary or other administrative processes regarding:

    1. Sexual assault

    2. Sexual harassment

    3. Gender-based harassment

    4. Domestic violence

    5. Dating violence

    6. Stalking

    7. Sexual misconduct of any kind, however defined by the institution

    8. Any accusation or offense covered by Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, also known as 20 U.S.C. 38, Section 1681 et seq.

  2. Any document consisting of or reflecting any contract, agreement, memorandum of understanding, purchase order, or retainer agreement entered into within the last 24 months with any firm, organization, individual, or other entity, where the document concerns the use of materials or services pertaining to the subject matter described in Section 1, specifically including (but not limited to) training programs for students, faculty, and/or staff members that address the issues described in Section 1, above.

  3. Any document consisting of, or reflecting any budget for, the funding of the process of training or informing students, faculty members, and/or staff members on how to take part in and/or fulfill their roles or potential roles in the institution’s disciplinary or other administrative processes, as described in Sections 1 and 2 above, for the institution’s current fiscal year, immediate past fiscal year, and (if available) upcoming fiscal year.

Fee waiver request: This request is made on behalf of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, a nonprofit and nonpartisan organization that works to preserve civil liberties on college campuses. We request that the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill waive any fees or costs associated with this request.

This request concerns a matter of public interest. Understanding how institutions of higher education approach their legal and moral obligations under Title IX will help the public — and other institutions of higher education — better understand the efforts undertaken to meet these needs, ultimately improving the confidence of students, parents, alumni, donors, and other stakeholders in their institutions.

The public interest would be well-served by granting a fee waiver. The request is not being sought for a commercial purpose, but is instead sought by a nonprofit organization with the intent of providing the public with information concerning the conduct of government actors as that conduct pertains to civil liberties in higher education. FIRE has the means to disseminate the information sought to the public through its website, where it regularly publishes news and studies concerning government affairs.   

If a fee waiver is not granted, please apprise me if the estimated costs will exceed $25.00. Please also provide a W-9 form.

Request for expedited processing: This request is made pursuant to a nationwide survey of public and private institutions; FIRE’s ability to report on the information sought from other institutions will be delayed if there are delays from individual institutions. We request that the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill produce responsive records on an expedited basis.

Appeal information: If you deny any portion, or all, of this request, please provide me with a written explanation of the reason(s) for your denial, including a citation to each specific statutory exemption you believe justifies the refusal to release the information and notify me of the appeal procedures available to me under the law. If you conclude that portions of the records that I request are exempt from disclosure, please release the remainder of such records for inspection and copying, redacting only the portion or portions that you claim are exempt. For any exemptions, please note whether they are discretionary and, if so, the basis for refusing to exercise discretion in favor of granting access.

Request for Privilege Log: If any otherwise responsive documents are withheld on the basis that they are privileged or fall within a statutory exemption, please provide a privilege log setting forth (1) the subject matter of the document; (2) the person(s) who sent and received the document; (3) the date the document was created or sent; and (4) the basis on which the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill contends it is entitled to withhold the document from production.

Please note that this request does not seek a search of faculty or student email accounts or records. These requests should in no way be construed to include a review or search of email accounts, websites, or other forms of data or document retention which are controlled by students, alumni, or faculty members, nor by governmental or advisory bodies controlled by the same. Any search should be limited to documents held by the administration of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and/or its staff members, including records created or maintained by persons acting in the capacity of administrators or staff members.

We’re hopeful that the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill will provide a timely response. If any part of this request is vague or ambiguous, or if we could otherwise be of assistance in interpreting or narrowing this request, please do not hesitate to contact me by phone or email.


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