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I am requesting:

The annualized salaries, on December 1st 2017 and on December 1st 2018, of all full-time PhD or MD-holding postdoctoral employees and fellows, and employees under any titles that encompass postdoctoral research roles.


For example (but not limited to): postdoctoral researcher; postdoctoral scholar; postdoctoral fellow; research associate.


I request that this information be sent as an electronic spreadsheet, with the following:


  • Name of postdoc;
  • Gender of postdoc;
  • Department in which postdoc is situated;
  • Job Title of postdoc;
  • Annualized Salary of postdoc on Dec 1st 2017 (if employed in 2017);
  • Annualized Salary of postdoc on Dec 1st 2018 (if employed in 2018).

I would be very happy to clarify any details if this is unclear: please email at or call 617-233-6008.


December 1, 2018 via web


Office of Human Resources


Gary McDowell





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Public Records Office

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