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We are requesting the list of recommendations concerning the future of silent sam that the board of trustees considered. We understand there were thousands of recommendations but the list was narrowed down to 20. It is those 20 that we are requesting. 

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December 4, 2018 via web


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The information that follows is being provided to you in accordance with the North Carolina Public Records Act. In the appendices to the Recommendation for the Disposition and Preservation of the Confederate Monument presented by UNC-Chapel Hill to the UNC Board of Governors, available at, you will find requested cost estimates (appendix E), site evaluation (appendix G-1), and a summary of potential site locations (appendix G-2). As noted in appendix G-2, there were additional sites discussed and discarded prior to engaging work on the documents included in the three appendices. This request has been fully processed and is closed.




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January 11, 2019, 9:05am
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