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I am requesting communications (letters) described in the Daily Tar Heel on April 11, 2019, between UNC General Counsel Mark Merritt, N.C. Attorney General Josh Stein, and Chancellor Carol Folt regarding the removal of the "Silent Sam" Confederate Memorial. Specifically, as stated in the Tar Heel, "(Folt) said she consulted both her General Counsel and the North Carolina Attorney General in her decision to make sure she had the legal authority to issue removal. She also attached a letter from Merritt. 

"Ever since Charlottesville I have been telling/writing you with my serious concerns regarding public safety risks to campus associated with the presence of Silent Sam," the letter said. "Just this week, our police told me again that the risk of physical violence and personal injury, civil disorder and property damages are high in the vicinity of the monument's base."

Although not specified in the article, presumably these communications occurred sometime between August, 2017 and February, 2019.


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