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I have been assigned by a national professional association to compile a parity report based on public record of salaries.

As part of this project, I have been advised to analyze employee and salary information for these UNC units:

~~~ RENCI (Renaissance Computing Institute) DEPTID  = 637100

~~~ UNC TRACS (North Carolina Translational and Clinical Sciences) DEPTID  = 429801

~~~ School of Media and Journalism DEPTIDS = 350000 - 359999

~~~ UNC Department of Computer Science (DEPTID  = 318400)

~~~ UNC Office of the Provost (UNC DEPTIDS = 500000 – 543999)

~~~ The Odum Institute at UNC (UNC - DEPTID  = 631300)


We write to seek your help to provide us the following information:

  1. Names of employees (both faculty and staff), job title or position,  and their 2018-2019 salary by department (as listed above) .

    We have been advised to seek your help to provide a snapshot of data from 12/31/2017 and comparatively 12/31/2018. 
    This will enable us to analyze the population of folks per department, and the differences in salaries between each calendar year. 
  2. List of raises, if any, or change in salary from previous year

  3. Year of birth for each employee, if available. Please ignore this if this information is not public record. We realize birth year is not a public field, but please provide age for each snapshot.

  4. Date of first employment and change in status (such as promotion) for each employee. Please ignore this if this information is not public record.

  5. Any other information that’d be relevant to compile a parity report.


Can you please send me this information by email in an Excel spreadsheet by 4 p.m., May 17, 2019, or earlier if you may?

That’ll help me to compile the report.

Your office has helped us with this information some years ago.

We were, therefore, advised to follow the same procedure.

Thanks for your help.


May 13, 2019 via web


Office of Human Resources


Deb Aikat





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Public Records Office

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