Request #19-300
I request the following records:
All agreements with outside consultants, contractors, or consulting firms for work that in relates to University of North Carolina's athletic department, since Jan. 1, 2018. This would include, but is NOT limited to, matters involving:
Hiring searches, buyouts, legal matters, Title IX compliance, facility improvements, department restructuring, department staffing.
This request should include original agreements and any addenda in the least redacted form, as provided by state law. In the event any documents are withheld or redacted, I request the university cite the specific exemptions that are being relied upon.
Please provide materials in electronic form. Because this request is for journalistic/public interest purposes, I ask that any copying fees be waived.


July 11, 2019 via web


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Daniel Libit





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Public Records Office

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July 11, 2019, 8:20am
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July 11, 2019, 12:58am