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Brant Wilkerson-New I am requesting all emails and text messages sent to and from [information redacted] from Nov. 1 ... Public Records Office
Christian Albano Hello, my name is Christian and I am a student at Vanderbilt Law School. I'm currently working on... Public Records Office
Jonathan Alexander The News & Observer requests all emails, voice messages, text messages, direct messages on Tw... Public Records Office
Nicholas Schlereth, Ph.D., MBA I’m asking for your assistance in providing your road game ticket sales data for the season(s) yo... Public Records Office
Courtney McRae UNC Greensboro                                                                                   ... Public Records Office
Carli Brosseau Please provide the responses to the survey sent out by [information redacted] via emails on Oct. ... Public Records Office
Alison Stroud I am making a public records request for the Municipal and County Administration Class that began... Public Records Office
Grant Cope University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Chapel Hill, NC 27599
To whom it may conce...
Public Records Office
Becky Morrison November 14, 2018   Mark W. Merritt Vice Chancellor and General Counsel Office of the Univers... Public Records Office
Lindsay Ellis I hope you’re doing well! My name is Lindsay Ellis, and I’m a reporter for the Chronicle of Highe... Public Records Office
Joel Sronce I am writing to request a copy of UNC's current contract with ARAMARK. Public Records Office
Marilyn Bethea We recently received a reply to Request #18-506. Your reply provided the total number of students... Public Records Office
Courtney McRae University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill                                                      ... Public Records Office
Mark Alexander Fraenkel Any communication between the Football Team regarding Boston College. Public Records Office
Marilyn Bethea Good morning. I am the Compliance Director at RTP Federal Credit Union. We are working with our f... Public Records Office
Nicholas Schlereth, Ph.D., MBA   I’m asking for your assistance in providing your road game ticket sales data for the season(s) ... Public Records Office
Robert Solomon I am a consultant helping federal and state governments as well as school districts to save money... Public Records Office
Levi Pine Please provide a copy of any contracts between the university and Anthony Travel dated after Janu... Public Records Office
Anthony Montes I was wondering if you could provide the contracts of [information redacted] and [information red... Public Records Office
Tom Callaway Hi! I'm doing some research for the People team at Red Hat (it is what we call our HR department)... Public Records Office
Haskell S. Jared I request all lists and descriptions of bicycles to be sold in the November 6, 2018, sale of aban... Public Records Office
Jessica Hardison To whom it may concern, I am writing an article for The Daily Tar Heel and would like the follow... Public Records Office
Gina Balamucki I am requesting Facilities work orders for the following two instances in which Silent Sam was cl... Public Records Office
Gina Balamucki I am requesting: 1. PO # Y16ESC0027, from vendor CONTAMINANT CONTROL, INC, in the amount of $17,... Public Records Office
Carli Brosseau Please provide all drafts of any after-action reports related to Silent Sam events on Aug. 20, 25... Public Records Office
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