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Lauren Ohnesorge I’m doing a piece on beverage pour agreements. I wanted to get a copy of UNC's beverage pour agre... Public Records Office
Donna Nemeth Bid #3000006728 Due 1/25/2019 Please find enclosed a self-addressed stamped envelope in which we... Public Records Office
Lindsay Marchello I am requesting all written correspondance between UNC-Chapel Hill [information redacted] relatin... Public Records Office
Alex We represent [information redacted] in the above referenced incident. At this time, we are reques... Public Records Office
Heather Redding Under North Carolina Public Records Law §132-1 (a), please make available for inspection and/or c... Public Records Office
Ariana Miccolis I am in search of any records pertaining to 106 Carr Street in Chapel Hill NC down the street fro... Public Records Office
Shannon deLoach   I would like to request a PDF copy of the employment agreement of [information redacted]. Our... Public Records Office
Dan Kane This is a request for previously filled public records requests, according to UNC-CH's next reque... Public Records Office
Kevin Cohen This is a request for records pursuant to state law as well as the terms of a written contract th... Public Records Office
Gabrielle Horne Hello,  I am working on undergraduate research at ECU. I am doing a comparative case study, and ... Public Records Office
No name available To whom it may concern,  Under the North Carolina Public Records Law, G.S. §132-1., I am request... Public Records Office
Jonathan Alexander The News & Observer requests UNC's most recent financial report sent to the NCAA.  If you ha... Public Records Office
Zack Behnke To whom it may concern,    I am requesting an opportunity to obtain copies of the following pub... Public Records Office
No name available I am a resident of Chapel Hill.  I am requesting records pertaining to the selection of Tamika Ma... Public Records Office
Annie Simpson Pursuant to NCGS § 132-1, I am requesting the opportunity to review all emails and correspondence... Public Records Office
Taylor Buck Pursuant to North Carolina Public Records laws and on behalf of the Daily Tar Heel, I request all... Public Records Office
Melissa Korn   Pursuant to public records laws, I am requesting an opportunity to inspect or obtain copies of... Public Records Office
Susanne Rust I am requesting all correspondence to, from and or including [information redacted], department o... Public Records Office
Jordan Green Pursuant to NCGS § 132-1, I am requesting the opportunity to review all "use of force" reports su... Public Records Office
Chris Vannini Hello, My name is Chris Vannini, and I’m a reporter for The Athletic. This is an open records re... Public Records Office
Lindsay Ellis Under state open records law, I would like to request all corporate sponsored research agreements... Public Records Office
Sarah Krueger Hi all, Pursuant to state public records law, I request access to and copies of all emails and t... Public Records Office
Christopher Lanphear Deltek is submitting a public records request to University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Can y... Public Records Office
Elizabeth Tong I am an undergraduate at UNC with the Initiative on Poverty and Inequality. We would like to requ... Office of Human Resources Public Records Office
Shannon Watkins Please consider this email an official request for public records pursuant to N.C.G.S §§ 132. I ... Public Records Office
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